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Underground Worx Companies proudly supports the SMCGAoA, and provides contribution by donating all internet services free of charge.

Typical UWX Advertising TextLinks and ADChannel used on many websites, fully customizable to fit size constraints on any website. Inquire about integrating UWX Advertising into your project.

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Webpage & Website Design/Development

Hosting, Server, SSL/TLS, HTML, JPG, CSS, CMS, JavaScript, PHP, SQL, GIF, XML, SEO, Robots Text File, Cookies . . .


Not sure what any of it means? Don't fret, we have you covered. These are programming languages, technologies, & file formats our team of designers and webmasters use each day to be creative in their graphics and web site design and development.

Webpages and Websites

A 'Website' is technically a location connected to the Internet that maintains one or more files on the 'World Wide Web'. A 'Webpage' is a single document located at a 'Website', and a 'Website' often has many 'Webpages'. The number of 'Webpages' can vary widely from site to site, as each location has different information or services they wish to provide. The types of files required to collect, process, style and display that information can also vary greatly for each 'Webpage' and is wholly dependent on the method required to provide and/or collect information, functioning and interactivity for the 'Website' visitors.

The design of a 'Webpage' or a 'Website' is the expertise of a 'Web Designer', an individual or firm that creates a stylized visual layout of the information or services provided into an appealing display for the visitors. The development of a 'Webpage' or 'Website' is the expertise of a 'Web Developer', an individual or firm that can make a 'Webpage' or 'Website' interactive and functional for visitors. It is best for 'Web Designers' and 'Web Developers' to at least be familiar with the same methods and technologies used in both of their crafts, and best if they can switch easily between the roles.

A 'Website' is accessed by using either a URI(Uniform Resource Identifier) e.g. dstudio.uwxco.com or, URL(Uniform Resource Locater) e.g. http://dstudio.uwxco.com or, or a URN(Uniform Resource Number) e.g. dstudio.uwxco.com/data.file or All can use either a 'Domain Name' , or an IP(Internet Protocol) address is publicly routable. The configuration required to correclty connect such addressing with the proper serving resource is within the scope of a 'Webmaster' or 'Web Administrator'.

UWX Design Studio Services

Our staff can help take an idea that you have in mind and develop it into a reality, working with you or your staff to meet the needed requirements and goals for the creation of your webpages and websites to be published on the world wide web.

We can perform each aspect of Design and Development of 'Webpages' and 'Websites', including:

Domain Name acquisition and configuration;

Logo and graphics/images creation/manipulation;

Webpage/Website design/development;

Hosting acquisition and confiiguration;

Database creation and configuration;

and all other required configuration.

Any and all content created for you by our team is your DATA and all files are presented to you for your own backup, use and manipulation at the finalization of each assigned project.

Each project assigned to our studio is seen as a new and exciting challenge to program and style information into an appealing, visually presentable format for presentation and use on the world wide web.

Browse through our Layout Examples to find ideas for the layout of webpages and websites that we can tailor to fit your vision. Wtih a wide range from basic HTML to full Templating options, and the ability to have any combination of them, we can surely publish your ideas just as you envision them.

Our Design Studio can also utilize one of the many pre-configured platforms available as the core of your website, such as Content Management Systems(CMS) and eCommerce platforms, as well as restyling them and further developing them to fit your requirements.

Our studio also works closely with UWX Advertising in the creation of advertisements for use on the web, and integration into client websites, and can do the same for you or your firm if requested.

Contact UWX Design Studio through the CONTACT page to present your ideas, needs, and requirements for rendering.